Laser Glass Tubing Cutter

Samples of Laser Cut Glass Tubes, Borosilicate Tubes cut by CO2 Laser
Laser Cut Viles
Borosilicate glass Tube laser cut, Borosilicate glass vile cut with C02 Laser
Laser Cut Borosilicate Tube with 1.5mm wall









The NLC “Glass Tubing Cutter” was designed to process thin wall borosilicate glass.  The system is composed of a single laser shared between four processing lanes. While one lane is cutting, the other three are feeding or ejecting and getting ready to receive the laser again.  A software algorithm determines which lane is ready first and directs the laser to that lane.  This makes the most efficient use of the laser as possible.  All four lanes can be run simultaneously or individually depending upon current needs.

This particular Laser Glass Tubing Cutter system produces 40+ parts per minute.  The laser produces clean, fire-polished, sterile      edges.  Cutting lengths are all computer controlled and set through a touch screen operator interface.    Machine size and capability can be easily scaled up or down to meet most budget and production needs.  A  second generation machine has been developed that employs only three moving parts per lane thus  eliminating almost all mechanical service issues.  Although this machine was designed specifically for thin wall borosilicate glass, other types of glass and wall thicknesses can also be processed.  Call us to discuss your specific needs.

Laser glass tube cutting machine, Borosilicate tube laser cutting machine
Single CO2 Laser time shared between 4 cutting lane

To see this machine in action click this  Laser Glass Cutting Machine Running Link


Borosilicate Glass Vile Tube cut with Sealed CO2Laser, Borosilicate Laser Glass Cutting
Laser Cut Glass Vile Tube










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