Deka Medical Laser Power Before and After Service

Below you will see a final data sheet for a Deka Medical Laser tube following regas service. It is a comparison of laser output power to how much electrical current is driving the tube. Note that there is a before regas and after regas columb. When your tube arrives we perform a bench test collecting the before regas data. At the same time we evaluate the optics, electrodes and catalyst. If there is a problem with any of these components you are contacted before any further work is performed.

Deka Medical Laser Repair and Service Performance
Deka Medical Laser Performance Before and After NLC Laser Regas Services

When your approval to proceed has been given we remove the old gases from the tube. To achieve this we use specialized vacuum equipment. This leaves your Deka Medical Laser tube under high vacuum and ultra clean. It is then back filled with a proprietary mixture that makes your tube perform like new.

Other Deka Medical Laser Services We Provide

If your Deka Medical Laser Tube needs regas services you will need professional help! To remove the tube from the system requires skilled and experienced service engineers. The mounting configuration is spring loaded and is challenging even with experience. Once the tube has been removed you will also need a qualified engineer to replace it, align the tube to the articulated arm and calibrate it. To calibrate the system requires knowlege of how to access the service mode and calibration tables.

NLC Laser offers the most competitive pricing in the market. We work with certified highly trained service engineers strategically located through out the United States, Mexico and Canada. In most cases they are within easy driving distance. This keeps costs and service time to a minimum. Our 24/7 answer service is there to help you day or night. Simply call (715) 617-3106, if there is no answer leave a message and you will be called back within 60 minutes.