Deka 25 watt replacement laser tubes

Deka 25 Watt Replacement Tube Laser, Deka SmartXide Dot Laser Tube
Deka 25 Watt Skin Resurfacing Laser

Deka 25 Watt Replacement Laser Tubes

If you are currently using a Deka 25 watt medical laser system manufactured by El En Group in Italy  or servicing them and having problems we can help! We manufacture Deka 25 watt replacement laser tubes. The Italian design has many challenges leading to short life times, in many cases one year or less. Servicing these tubes traditionaly has been expensive and challenging due to the spring loaded mounting configuration and mirrors epoxied directly to the glass of the laser tube.

In 2014 NLC Laser was approached by a medical laser service company and a dentist that was using a Deka system. The 25 watt laser was producing a maximum output of 3 watts and effectively non functional. We took the entire system in house for evaluation. This was our first experience with a Deka laser. When removing the laser tube from the system we immediately were exposed to the challenges field service personnel have working on these lasers.  Physical manuervering space is extremely limited and the spring loaded mounting arrangement coupled with multiple electrode nipples protruding out created a recipie for disaster. We rebuilt and regased the laser tube to better than original performance and returned the system to a very pleased dentist!

Deka 25 watt replacement laser tubes,Deka System - difficult to service with protruding elctrodes and cramped space
Deka System – difficult to service with protruding elctrodes and cramped space.
Deka 25 watt replacement laser tubes, Deka SmartXide Laser Tube, Medical Laser Tube, Replacement Laser Tube
Deka spring loaded tube mounting configuration.

Based on feedback from the service company we were working with and our friend the dentist there apparently was a need for a Deka 25 watt replacement laser tube at a reasonalbe cost. NLC Laser under took the task of designing a new and improved laser tube that would be a direct replacement for the Deka 25 watt tube. The end result is a laser tube that is simplified and improved. We simplified and improved it by removing the multiple protruding electrodes and eliminating the mirrors glued directly to the glass of the laser tube. The glass electrode nipples sticking out in space are prone to damgage during installation. They also have metal electrodes feeding through the glass which are easily broken and susceptable to gas leakage. The new optical design provides for a bolt on assembly. This dramatically simplifies service and decreases turn around times.

If you are experiencing problems with your Deka 25 watt laser and need a Deka 25 watt replacement tubes or if you are a service company and looking for an affordable US based company to work with give us a call today at (715) 617-3106