About Us

At NLC Laser, we bring 26 years of laser processing and design experience to the table. Our main goal is to provide manufacturing solutions utilizing laser techonology for non metal applications. We have designed and manufactured our own line of DC excited Sealed CO2 Lasers ranging in power from a few watts to 180 watts. We were one of the first companies in the world to develop on the fly processing utilizing moving mirror technology. Our lasers have proven themselves to be robust and durable even in the harshest of enviornments.

While we have spent considerable resources on developing our lasers, the real focus at NLC is applying the technology to materials processing. Most of our clients require a complete solution and we have a broad range of experience providing start to finish turn key machines. Our completely equipped applications lab provides us with a solid platform from which to develop your process. Our  lab is supported by a complete machine shop that provides immediate turn around on tooling and fixtures to insure the best possible results. We also machine and fabricate almost all of the parts used in our machine building giving us tight control in our manufacturing process. We focus on non-metal processes and have completed thousands of feasibility studies on all types of materials. This hands-on experience gives us the foundation to provide accurate information and solid solutions to your processing needs.

Call us today with your application. In a short conversation, we can determine how laser technology can go to work for you.

NLC Laser LLC -4238 Deerskin Road -Phelps, WI 54554 -(715) 617-3106  Email colin.nlclaser@gmail.com