CO2 Lasers for Industrial Applications

CO2 Laser with option HeNe Spotting Laser, Sealed CO2 Laser, NLC Laser
200 watt beam combined CO2 Laser with HeNe targeting laser option

Sealed CO2 Laser for Industrial applications

NLC produces DC excited Sealed CO2 Laser.  For those unfamiliar with the term “Sealed”, think of a flourecent light that produces laser energy.  The gases required for laser operation are contained inside the bulb or tube eliminating gas bottles, flow valves and vacuum pumps.  Our tubes are glass which makes them extremely temperature stable compared to aluminum versions.  Temperature stability means very consistent power and beam quality are produced.  They come in two versions, OEM and Turnkey.  Both versions come in the following power sizes:  25w, 50w, 75w, 100w and 180w.  The OEM unit is a bare bones tube and power supply in a basic box.  As an OEM, you are responsible for cooling, gating and power control as well as all safety issues.  The turn key systems are our “Integrator” series.  They come with a range of options depending on your needs.  These include attenuating optics for very stable, low end power, targeting diode laser, pulse and power control modules with options to slave them to a master control.  They can be mounted in any orientation to accomodate other production hardware.  These units operate on 120V, 50 or 60Hz single phase electric.

CO2 Laser Cutting System, Honey Comb Laser Cutting Bed, Glass Laser Cutting Machine
200 Watt CO2 Laser Cutting System

The Control Module for the Integrator systems is designed to be very user friendly. The interface is a    hand held pendant with a digital display. From this pendant all laser parameters can be controlled.  These lasers have four modes of operation, 1.)Continuous -Laser is on all the time, 2.) Continuosly    Pulsed – Laser is on all the time running at a user selected pulse width, frequencey and power, 3.) Burst –  Laser sends out a specific number of pulses at a pulse width, frequency and power defined by the

CO2 Laser with beam delivery with micro drilling pulse control
Custom CO2 Laser

operator, 4.) Single Shot – Laser delivers a single pulse whose time and power is set by the    user. There is  also the option to control these lasers remotely with your own electronics.  They require a 0 to 5 volt  analog signal to control laser power and a TTL low to turn the  laser on.




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