Deka Laser Tube Service

Recharge, Repair, Replacements

Medical Sealed CO2 Laser
Deka Sealed CO2 Laser System
  • Make Money – Put your laser investment back to work for your practice!
  • Save Money – Get the best pricing in the industry for Deka Laser Tube Recharges, Repair and Replacement tubes!
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Why Buy From Us?

  • Designed originally for 24/7/365 industrial use our laser tubes are tough and reliable.
  • With over 26 years in the industry our tubes are time tested to perform when you need them.
  • We have redesigned the Deka laser tube, eliminating 4 glass nipples that support electrodes. This removes the potential for gas leaks and accidental damage when servicing the laser.
  • Receive quick responsive service when you need it the most!


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